Barefoot shoes are super comfortable and painless like normal footwear. They are anatomically shaped and do not restrict your feet's natural range of motion.

A thin, soft, and light sole is better for the health of the body, it looks and feels better. Flexible materials provide maximum comfort and allow your feet to move freely.

It is common to experience pain in the feet, legs, and lower back when wearing conventional footwear. So, listen to your body telling you something is wrong and get rid of these uncomfortable shoes.

Overdesigned shoes are robbing you of your natural potential, increasing your risk of injury, and compromising your balance and mobility. Just six months of using BOHÁ increases your foot strength by 60%, helping you reclaim your supernatural.

Modern shoes are not built for human feet.

Most sneakers are causing all kinds of issues in your body. Ordinary footwear has an unnatural heel elevation, narrow toe boxes, and thick and stiff soles causing shortened calf muscle, uneven pressure on the forefoot, stiff ankles, and inefficient posture.

Do not blindfold your feet!

What makes us unique?

“When I began to study the human anatomy body, I realized that tennis shoes are literally destroying your foot and consequently the posture of your body.” -Víctor Levy, BOHÁ CEO

Our most important purpose is to lead people to reconcile with their bodies, to make peace with them, and to give back a little of what we have taken from them.

A sustainable future

shoes is among the most polluting industries in the world. From water consumption to CO2 emissions, shoes has an undeniable impact on our environment. We're prioritizing rethinking our manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution network to minimize our impact & build a more sustainable future for all of us.

Environment-Friendly Shipping.

We do not use cardboard boxes or plastic bags to deliver our products.

Zero carbon footprint initiative.

The first step we're taking in our sustainable commitment is to introduce organic or recycled materials whenever possible.

Reusable Bags.

Our bags are reusable and made with sustainable materials. Where health meets cool

Where health meets cool